Sarah Parke Morrison

Sarah Parke Morrison , the first female to attend classes and graduate from Indiana University, was born September 7, 1833, in Salem, Washington County, Indiana, the eldest child of John I. and Catherine (Morris) Morrison.  The above photo is Morrison c. 1869 (From the collection of the IU Archives Photograph Collection. Used with permission.)

John came to Washington County in 1820, at the age of 18, and was hired to teach at the Salem Grammar School. He left for a time to complete a degree at Miami University in Ohio, then returned to Salem and opened the Washington County Seminary for Men. Sometime later, along with his wife, he opened the Salem Female Seminary.

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Who was Pete Ellis Drive named after?

While working a Research Library shift I took a telephone inquiry about this question. Initially poking around the library’s vertical and family files, I found nothing. Bobby, a reference librarian at the Monroe County Public Library, steered me to their “highways and roads” vertical files and I found a page copied from the Monroe County Family Heritage 1987 book, detailing Theodore (Pete) Ellis’s life.

From 1921 Pete’s parents, Robert and Nora, operated greenhouses in the 1200 block of E 2nd St, with nine buildings plus the family home, all of which were destroyed by fire in 1935. They also established a retail flower shop at 304 E 5th St.

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